Dalian Sipore Co., Ltd., located in the Overseas Scholars Industrial Incubator of Dalian Hi-Tech Zone, is a new & high technology enterprise founded by several experienced chemists and experts from China and USA in the field of silicon/silica chemistry and chromatography. Our company specializes in the developing and manufacturing of pure and advance separation materials and technologies.
       On the basis of silicon/silica chemistry, our company builds a strong R&D and technology development team. Our team members have many years experience and specialize in developing traditional & novel chromatography separation materials. Our company has already developed several key LC/SPE separation materials and synthetic techniques of GC stationary phases. Our technology matches well with worlds most recent technology.
       Additionally, we have developed several independent and special intellectual properties and unique techniques of capillary fused silica tubing surface treatment and stationary phase coating processes. Capillary GC columns produced by these techniques ranging from non-polarity to strong polarity columns and can easily meet high quality demands from chromatographers. Our novel processes can be used in manufacturing both WCOT & PLOT columns with high column separation efficiency and low column bleeds.
Relying on the experience and expertise of our staff from China & USA, our company has developed a novel LC column packing technology. LC columns produced using this technology show very high column separation efficiency, long column life and excellent column-to-column reproductivity.
     Our company utilized our own know-how processes and already developed four major chromatography product classes, namely, separtion materials, LC columns, capillary GC columns & SPE products.
These products cover the complete spectra of chromatography products and also meet high demands of analysis, separation, purification & preparation.

      Prof. Zhang Yukui, a Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences & the president of Chinese Chromatography Association, visited our company on May 2006.

    Dr. Yung-Lin Chen (left), former Senior R&D Scientist of J&W Scientific, visited our company on January, 2006 and trained our technical staff.